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Ruianpu has a R&D team and service team with extensive experience in the cooling fan industry, one-to-one project research and judgment, customized design, product sample production and product engineering verification, and assist customers in optimizing and changing the overall plan and tracking batches Introduce and quickly deal with any abnormal conditions that occur during the actual application of the cooling fan. One-to-one customized one-stop service, so that customers have no worries, we create value for customers.

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Brushless DC fan motor and AC-to-DC fan (EC fan) frequency conversion speed regulation motor drive core board application company produced by Shenzhen Ruianpu Electronics Co., Ltd. writes its own motor control algorithm, precise control, and high energy efficiency ratio; product design strictly follows The safety standards of the cooling fan industry meet the international mainstream safety standards. The products can reach North America, Europe, Asia and other regions with strict safety requirements for cooling fans; the materials selected fully comply with the European Union's control standards for hazardous substances and can meet any global requirements. Industry and the needs of any region.

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Shenzhen Ruianpu Electronics Co., Ltd. established a cooling fan quality control system, and passed the ISO9001 quality system certification in 2005. We conduct strict quality control throughout the entire process of R&D, production, sales and service. Product design, sample production, testing, design changes, until the product is evaluated to meet customer needs, and pursue zero product defects. Standardize the fan production process and automation equipment to ensure the stable quality of the product production process.

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